I love live painting! Painting live at events contributes massively to the air and environment of any event.  I have painted at a number of events including music shows and fundraisers. I am self-starting and need little to no assistance setting up or tearing down - just tell me where you want me and away I go!  I work professionally, staying focused on my piece and engaging with the event guests.  Contact me for more information if you would like this awesome service to enhance your next event!


"My name is Elizabeth Williamson and I am the Executive Director of the World Language Initiative - MT. Our team recently had the opportunity to work with artist/painter, Juliene Sinclair. Not only is her work bold, decisive and meaningful, she is fabulous to work with. Juliene was prompt, prepared, organized and supportive; and the piece she produced during the event was a wonderful work of art. Her live-painting contribution, both as an element of the evening and as part of our fundraising effort, was enormous. She brought an artist's vitality and uniqueness to our World Dance Party. People were so surprised by her talent and delighted to see the production of a piece of art in real-time. I wouldn't hesitate to incorporate Juliene's live painting work into any of our future events."

-Elizabeth Williamson, World Language Initiative - MT

"Live painting with Juliene is a visual performance.  Watching her work with the bold use of color and sweeping brush strokes, adds a dynamic energy to an event.  Most are not privy to the inter-workings of the creative artist mind, thus having Juliene share her process is interactive and engaging to all guests at an event.  Her demeanor invites interaction for event-goers and her professionalism and flexibility is appreciated by event coordinators."

-Tawny Advincula, TADModern interiors + events

Shoot me an email at julienesinclair@gmail.com!

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