This elongated piece brings meditative peace into your home.  The Bridger (Mountains) Ridge is a legendary ridgeline in Bozeman - it's stunning, curved and windy, and filled with adventurous nooks and crannies.  In this piece, the Ridge is overlaid with a meditative mandala.  A mandala is an eastern religious symbol for the universe and is used in meditation as a point of focus.  


With calming ochres, siennas, prussian blues and violets - this piece awakens and soothes the eyes!  


12"x19".  Watercolor and ink on 300# watercolor paper.  Signed by the Artist.  Unframed with 1.5" white border.


**Because of scheduling - this piece's delivery will be delayed by a couple weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Bridger Ridge Meditations


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