This little watercolor panorama will make your eyes sparkle with the excitement of the summer air.  Paradise Valley is super close to home for me.  It's one of the routes to Yellowstone National Park and also offers endless adventures of its own.  Yellowstone River runs through Paradise Valley, which you see in the painting, and is a legendary fly fishing river and is fun to raft in the summer! Up  behind the Yellowstone River rises the Absaroka Mountains, which were named after the Absaroka Indians, or better known as the Crow Indians. Paradise Valley is absolutely stunning and will kindly steal a little bit of your heart.


Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.  Signed by the Artist.  2019.


Outer frame dimensions: 13.25"x5.25" 

Localled framed in USA-made black wooden frame.

Summer in Paradise Valley


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